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About me

My name is Dr. Nike Fox.

As a mentor, I will of course look closely at where you are at the moment and what you need. I have arrived at my concepts and convictions through intensive self-study and extensive literature research and comparison of concepts, ideas and principles. In recent years, my two mainstays, my scientific work (marine biology and social psychology) and direct advice to people, have grown more and more together.
For me, many issues start with the relationship to the self: how do you perceive the world? How do you bring meaning and understanding to what you perceive around you? How do you structure your relationships, what do you struggle with? How would you like to shape your life and your relationships? I am convinced that many problems can be changed, alleviated and simplified through inner work and I derive enormous joy from giving others help and sharing experiences and then seeing how they blossom, find happiness and solutions.
I like working with people who want to face their issues courageously (fear is still okay!), who don't shy away from depth (even though it's scary to look into the inner underworld), and who want to work through their own inner trouble spots in a structured way ( don't worry, I can help with the structure).
My most important values include love, wisdom and responsibility and I am happy to announce that I now live authentically according to and with them.



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