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The Hekate program

You've come to the right place if you notice that you keep finding yourself in toxic company. If you're wondering whether normal relationships still exist. You may have experienced narcissistic abuse.
You have come to the right place if you want to find your way back to yourself and healthy relationships.



Pain points

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Did you recognize yourself?

Unfortunately, that's how it is for many people.

I put it down to social conditioning; that many of us are taught to give in, to obey, to function. Not to take yourself so seriously. Don't "act like that". Not “pushing yourself to the foreground”, etc.
Many people stay in terrible relationships because they have been successfully persuaded that it is their fault if the relationship is not satisfactory. Because they are afraid of being alone forever and perhaps even incurring the wrath of their ex-partner.
At a certain point they give up, duck their heads and simply endure this seemingly no-alternative situation.

Stay with you

A shocking number of people around me and among my clients repeatedly encounter toxic people and end up in asymmetrical relationships. It struck me that there are an incredible number of similarities.

Back to you in 3 steps

When supporting people in or after toxic relationships, I see 3 phases that form the pillars of the Hekate program.

Phase 1: Pattern 
25 copy.png
Phase 2: Individuation
Phase 3: Live healthy relationships

We look at narcissistic or toxic patterns so you can recognize them when someone does absurd logical somersaults in front of you and know what happens when the narcissist you loved starts conjuring up drama out of nowhere.
We will practice dealing with it so that in the end you can let the nonsense roll off your back with a shrug of your shoulders.

The self develops in interaction with others and when it is safe to display certain aspects of personality. 

Toxic people or narcissists inhibit this process through their caustic criticism and constant manipulation. We'll take it back and make it your most powerful weapon. A strong self with self-confidence can no longer be manipulated.

In addition to individuation, another point is what exactly healthy relationships look like. Loving relationships are challenging, especially after emotional abuse, and many no longer dare to do so. My experience shows that you can relearn symmetrical relationships and be happy with a soul mate. In phase 3 I show how.


Glad I can support you!

I am Nike.

I am an expert in healthy communication and fulfilling relationships.

There was a long period in my life when I attracted toxic relationships and narcissists like metal shavings to a magnet. The more I was in such company, the more I doubted myself.

At a point of maximum absurdity, what little self-respect I had left came forward and confirmed: It can't be that THAT's my fault.

Because I had acquired self-reflection, psychological knowledge, scientific backgrounds, techniques and tricks for over 20 years, I was able to begin a structured retreat. It was a painful journey because I also had to look at what part I actually had in allowing myself to be used as a doormat.

I am now convinced that my path is reproducible and have already followed it with a large number of people.

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products.
Change the text and add your own."

Alexa Young, CA

About Hecate

Hekate is a deity known from Greek mythology, but probably much older.

The story about Hecate's role in rescuing the kidnapped and tricked Persephone from the underworld is well known. Hecate, a figure familiar with the shadows, knew the way and illuminated it for Persephone with a torch of moonlight.


Hekate is the patron saint of midwives and independent women. She appears in three forms, often associated with phases of the moon: Virgo (joie de vivre, playfulness), Mother (love and protection) and Wise Woman (experience, inner strength).


She represents a strong connection to oneself, matriarchal strength and love.

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